JSON Schema

Strict validating schema

In line with Jon Postel's robustness principle:

  • Producers must make sure that all created messages conform to this schema.
  • Consumers may decide to apply more relaxed checks, however only in cases where IDEA events are not relayed further (and consumer effectively becomes producer).

Schema checks only syntactic constraints, no semantic or taxonomy checks are done.

Download schema

Common errors warning schema

When IDEA event passes strict schema, warning schema may be applied. Do not use this schema as strict check, but only as a guide to point out possible errors. Schema for example contains full taxonomies, various recommended formats and range checks and also shows as an error when unknown key is used (which is not itself error in IDEA) to point out possible typos.

Download schema

GIT repository

The repository with IDEA schema and auxiliary tools

git clone https://gitlab.cesnet.cz/713/warden/idea.git

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